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Brazil coffee

     The coffee regions of Brazil are nestled alongside the Atlantic Coast in the southeast region of the country. These areas receive moderate sunlight and rain with steady temperatures year round, which are great for growing both Arabica and Robusta beans. Hence the flavour of Brazilian coffee tends to be low in acidity, smooth in body with sweet flavors.

Brazil also processes a significant amount of their coffee via the pulped natural method, which combines the best characteristics of wet and dry processed methodologies.

Due to the low humidity, Brazil has mastered this processing method and produces the best pulped natural coffees around the globe.


Coffee processing method 

Brazil coffee processing method including 4 way, which are : 

Dry-processed : Dry-processed (Naturally processed) coffees are dried while they are still in the cherry. Prior to drying, only cherries that float will be removed. 

Wet-processed :  Wet-processing coffees is a relatively new method of removing the four layers surrounding the coffee bean. This process results in a coffee that is cleaner, brighter, and fruitier.

Pulped Natural: The methods consist pulping a coffee, but emitting the fermentation stage to remove the silver skin. This results in a beverage that has characteristics of both a dry- and wet-processed coffee. Brazil has made this method famous and produces some of the best pulped-natural coffees in the world. 

Re-passed: These coffees are floaters and are usually discarded with the rest of the floaters. The beans are removed from the rest of the floaters using a barrel system developed by Eduardo Sampio in Brazil. The coffee beans are then re-passed and pulped. They can then be washed or used as pulped naturals. 


Best way to brew Brazil coffee

French Press

Which is to brew coffee with a full, heavy body and make the ground coffee sit’s in the water for up to 5 minutes.


The most traditional & simple coffee brew method : espresso 

Cold Brew

Most people want their cold brew to be smooth and refreshing. Brazilian coffee excel and smooth and refreshing, especially when brewed cold.

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