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Happiness is... a dishwasher.

Nov 22,2019 | Alpha Living Collaborator

Imagine. Just imagine. Being able to slide into your sofa after a long day at work and relaxing after dinner without worrying about unwashed dishes piled up in the kitchen. Wouldn't that be a dream come true?

Let's face it. Dishwashing is a chore we try to avoid. Especially if you have hands that prune easily. The thought of scrubbing off all the grease and curry stains while standing in a hit kitchen can really kill the mood. 

What if there's an economical way to change all this? What if you can cook the oiliest char kuey teow or sambal tumis and not worry about the mess that you have to clean up?

Elegant in looks and compact in size the Giselle Dishwasher is the answer to your washing woes. A brilliant addition to any kitchen, this counter-top dishwasher can be placed anywhere as it does not require an inlet water pipe installed.

Don't we all hate assembling and installing appliances? Trying to figure out how parts work while staring at a complicated user manual that doesn't really help much can be a pain. Which is why the Giselle Dishwasher is the epitome of user-friendliness. 

It is ready to use right after you unbox it.

Place the components in the dishwasher accordingly before piling in your dishes, fill with water until the 'refill' light goes off, and press 'start'. That's it. 

Don't forget to place your washing tablet (solid detergent) in it's compartment as well.

Looks can be deceiving. The slide basket (tray) might look compact but it can hold your breakfast plates, soup bowls, coffee cups, dinner plates and cutlery.

A day's dishes done in one wash.

Forgot to place a plate or spoon in to be washed? Simply open the dishwasher and put it in place (just make sure water is not being sprayed). It will auto-turn off when the door is open and will resume operation when closed back. Easy nuff. Click here to see how we did it.

The transparent window allows you to monitor the washing process. 

But is it really clean though? Is washing with a dishwasher as good as scrubbing the grime out of your dishes? Of course it is! In fact, it's even better than washing with your hands. And here's why. With a 7 meter pump lift and a recirculating pump with 3 dimensional water spraying technology, the Giselle Dishwasher is more than powerful enough to get the most stubborn grease off your plates.

Plus, the high heat produced when drying, kills most bacteria and sanitizes dishes better than you could possibly scrub down.

Cool eyh?

Giselle takes it a step further and increases the cool factor with multiple pre-set wash programs. From heavily soiled dishes, to baby bottles and even fruits, the Giselle Dishwasher has it all covered. It automatically performs the specific cleaning and sanitation procedure that it's programmed to complete.

Get your dishes done at one touch.

Load your dishes and let Giselle do the washing up. Or rinse, scrub, rinse again and dry them manually while we watch Netflix.

Learn more about the Giselle Dishwasher here.