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雪梨菊花茶 Pear Chrysanthemum Tea

Jun 12,2023 | Designer Company

Chrysanthemum, pear, and wolfberry are all commonly used ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine with various benefits. Chrysanthemum has the effects of dispelling wind and clearing heat, calming the liver and improving eyesight, and can be used for symptoms such as wind-heat and cold, red eyes, swelling and pain. In addition, chrysanthemum also has the effects of clearing the liver and improving eyesight, lowering blood pressure, and lowering lipids. It also has the effect of adjuvant treatment for some liver, heart and other diseases. Sydney has the effects of nourishing the lungs, reducing phlegm, relieving cough, reducing fever, reducing fire, clearing heart, detoxifying sores and alcohol poisoning. Especially for cough, asthma, lung dryness and other symptoms have a better relief. Sydney is also rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber, which helps to enhance the body's immunity, lower cholesterol and blood pressure.
Lycium barbarum is also a very beneficial food, which is often used to improve eyesight, nourish the kidney, and strengthen the body. Goji berries are rich in nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin B, which can enhance the body's immunity and prevent the occurrence of diseases. At the same time, wolfberry also has various functions such as anti-oxidation, anti-aging, lowering blood pressure, and lowering fat.
Taken together, chrysanthemum, Sydney and wolfberry are all very good ingredients that can bring many benefits to the human body. But when eating, you also need to pay attention to the right amount to avoid adverse effects caused by excessive consumption. Things to note, if you have a specific health problem or disease, please seek advice from your doctor or herbalist.